We see a lot of viral social media posts from restaurant employees, and they often fall under a few categories: bad tips, no tips, trashed tables and downright nasty notes left on checks.

But sometimes, the very opposite happens -- and in this case the waitress who posted about the incident said:

Today my faith in future generations was restored!

Nicole Marie from the Red Dog Saloon in Milford, Michigan described her customers in her now popular Facebook post: "I had [seven] 6th grade boys come in while I was working and they wanted to order wings. They asked if they had enough money to cover 40 wings and pops."

Very cute indeed, but Nicole was confused as to the whereabout of their parents. The boys went on to say they were there on their own and had been looking forward to this for weeks.

This is where the story takes an even more upbeat turn: Nicole describes the young boys as "extremely polite" with a slew of "please and thank yous" and they added they'd "tip well." What's more, one told his friend to get off the phone while Nicole was talking to them and they even left the table neatly organized when they left: "Even grown adults (myself included) rarely leave the table this clean!"

While it's easy to say, "Why is this even a thing?" Nicole wants to make sure people understand why she shared this:

I just wanted to give a big props to the parents of these boys -- keep doing what you’re doing!

Finally, Nicole said the boys' tab was picked up by another customer with the idea that they might pay it forward in the future -- and that sounds exactly like something these boys will do.

[Thank you to AJ from Cars 108 in Flint for sharing this story with us.]

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