The getaway driver for Nipsey Hussle's killer claims she tried to go to the police but was instantly dismissed. Now, the desk officer who turned her way is being investigated.

According to a report the L.A. Times published last Friday (June 28), the woman who inadvertently acted as the driver of Eric Holder's getaway car claims she went to the Los Angeles Police Department a day after Holder allegedly shot Nipsey in front of his clothing store The Marathon.

Once she saw her car and license plate all over the news, the woman, who is not named due to credible threats on her life, testified that her mother called the LAPD and scheduled to come in the following morning. When she and her mother arrived at the 77th Street station in L.A., the woman told the front desk officer that her car may be tied to a murder. That's when the officer turned her away.

“One of the police officers is like, ‘Well, don’t worry about it,’ you know, ‘Don’t listen to the news,’” the woman said in her grand jury testimony in May. “My mom said, ‘Well, she needs to talk to somebody.’ But he said, ‘Don’t worry about it.’ So we just left.”

After they left, the woman went to work. However, her mother called her, later on, to tell her she saw her car on the news again. She made another attempt to tell the police and made sure to clarify her previous statements to the desk officer. Upon her return, the woman sat down for an interview with police for five hours.

Now, months after Nipsey Hussle was laid to rest, a new probe has been launched against the desk officer who turned the witness away. The Associated Press confirmed on Monday (July 1) that the department’s Office of the Inspector General has opened up an investigation into the desk officer's response to the woman.

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