Is napping one of your greatest strengths? Do you wake up to a ton of emails and wish that you could stay in bed all day instead? Great news! Mattress Firm is hiring and they're looking for someone just like you!

For the second year in a row, the company is accepting applications for the Snoozetern position until Friday, May 3rd.  According to USA Today, the position includes napping, social media influence, making videos, and testing new beds.

In a press release discussing the position, chief marketing officer Scott Thaler says of the position:

“The allure of being paid to sleep on the job and the opportunity to hone social media skills, made this a highly-sought after position... I’m eager to see the candidates and start paying our next Snoozetern to catch some zzz’s.”


The best part for us is, it's based out of Houston! Want to apply? Click here!

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