Although it's mentioned in most driver's ed courses, a lot of people forget that you can use hand gestures to signal left and right turns or even slow-downs and stops in your car if your turn signals or brake lights aren't working.

You should absolutely get those lights fixed as soon as possible, but if you find yourself without blinkers or brake lights, you can use the gestures demonstrated in this video to signal your intent until everything's back in working order.

To be honest, I wasn't sure if drivers were still allowed to do this. I asked Sergeant David Roberts with the Department of Public Safety if I'd be ok using these signals until I get my turn signal fixed. He said I'm good to go, but that I should get that light fixed ASAP.

Plenty of people probably knew all this already, but if you weren't sure like me, please share this story with your friends so they can learn something that could help them avoid a citation on the way to the auto parts store or garage to get their lights repaired.

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