Airport traveling nowadays can be a stressful process. I recently flew from Austin to New Orleans and witnessed first hand how "handsy" TSA can be when one of their "alarms" go off. So when I read this news about the iconic Diana Ross having issues with TSA, it brought back some of those recent travel memories for myself.

According to TMZ, the legendary diva took to twitter to put TSA screeners in New Orleans on blast for a screening that she says made her feel "violated".


Ross was in New Orleans for the annual Jazz and Heritage Festival over the weekend and she claims that one TSA agent was "over the top" with her screening.


TSA officials got wind of Diana's complaints and released the following statement:

"TSA is committed to ensuring all travelers are treated with respect and courtesy. TSA is aware of concerns presented by Diana Ross about her screening experience at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport this morning. Initial review of CCTV indicates that the officers involved with Ms. Ross’s screening correctly followed all protocols, however, TSA leadership will continue to investigate the matter further. We encourage Ms. Ross to reach out to TSA so we can work with her directly to address her concerns." - statement from TSA via TMZ

On my recent trip to New Orleans, as I went through the screening process, I forgot I had a belt on and a male TSA agent at Austin's airport had to inspect my "mid section" where he had pass his hands through some uncomfortable places on my body.

I didn't feel "violated" because I understood that it was his job and maybe Ms. Ross should understand that too. Yes, its very uncomfortable, but they don't want to do it just as much as you don't want it done. It's the way of the world we live in now.

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