Denzel Washington is one of my favorite movie stars. Remember 'Training Day' It's the movie that Denzel won the Oscar with the director is Antoine Fuqua the same director that directed 'Training Day'.

"The Equalizer" is based on the 80s tv show that starred Edward Woodward as a mysterious secret vigilante. In the updated 'The Equalizer', Washington plays a hero   doesn't resemble the old show, even though, it's the same story.

Spoiler Alert:

Denzel Washington’s McCall is a quiet man with a simple life and who suffers from  OCD, and is secretly hiding that he a Killing Badazz in his previous job. When his coworkers ask what he used to do for a living, McCall tells them he was a Pip. They say a Pimp? McCall says no a Pip, McCall is a little young to be one of Gladys Knight’s Pips, but his coworkers check YouTube for verification anyway.) Whoo Hoooo.

McCall was formerly and I'm guessing in the CIA or some kind of Government Agent, where he killed himself off, to live a solitary, simple life and trying to be good. The first 20 to 30 minutes of the movie is really boring though, but after that it gets crazy. McCall keeps trying to live his quite life but when he watches a local prostitute, who he has befriended get assaulted by a Russian gang. McCall then goes to the Russian gang's home office to buy the girls freedom. The Russians laugh at his $9,800.00 and humiliate him. Then McCall is ordered to leave and that's when hell starts for the Russians. He looks back and assess the situation and estimates that it will take 16 seconds to kill every one in the room. With a click of his stop watch he goes off. Killing everyone in the room in a little more than 19 seconds. I'm guessing again, He was rusty. Then the head guy in Russia sends a very deadly guy to find who killed his Boston gang. It's hard to believe how he kills everyone and saves his friends and he then goes to Russia and kills Mister Big. Yes hard to believe but really fun to watch. Denzel Washington always kicks ass.

It's BaddAzz. 5 stars out of 5 stars. I loved it. CC Cruz Approved.