In Season 40 of ‘Saturday Night Live,' we’ve seen some great performances from Kendrick Lamar, Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars and even Prince. But D’Angelo’s first-ever performance in Studio 8H left a huge impression with viewers anxious to see the crooner's return to the spotlight.

Of course, the Virginia native was on the popular sketch-comedy show to promote his third album ‘Black Messiah,’ his comeback album after a 15-year sabbatical. For his first set, D’Angelo, and his band, the Vanguard, performed the fan-favorite ballad, ‘Really Love.’

Looking like Django with his sombrero and cape, D’s falsetto was light as a feather as he crooned about his affections to a potential lover. While the performance was ever-so tender, D’Angelo’s outfit was the talk on social media.

For his second performance, D’Angelo gets political. If you have listened to ‘Black Messiah,’ then you would know that the singer addresses societal issues like police brutality, black violence and social injustice on the album. So his performance of ‘The Charade’ was very timely and executed beautifully during his set.

Dressed in a hoodie, in tribute to slain teen Trayvon Martin, D’Angelo performed his urgent lyrics of fighting social injustices around the world.

“All we wanted was a chance to talk, instead we only got outlined in chalk,” he sings repeatedly.

What really stood out was his band members, the Vanguard, who donned T-shirts that featured "Black Lives Matter" and "I Can’t Breathe" slogans to honor both Mike Brown and Eric Garner, who were tragically killed by police officers.

Overall, D’Angelo’s performance on ‘SNL’ was soulful, political and bold. Read some of the reactions to D'Angelo's, um, wardrobe, and his second performance on 'SNL' below.

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