The City of Temple is set to allocate emergency rental assistance to residents.

The City is teaming up with United Way to help those who may have been financially impacted by COVID-19 and are still working to recover. The emergency rental assistance is to help those who are still struggling with financial hardships attributable to the ongoing pandemic.

The program can pay up to six months rent for income-eligible households. An eligible tenant must be behind on rent and have proof that it was due to the pandemic.

“While we’ve all been affected by COVID-19, many members of our community are still struggling as a result of the pandemic,” said Nancy Glover, City of Temple Director of Housing and Development, wrote in an email alert. “We are grateful for this partnership that will bring some much-needed relief to residents.”

While the application is still open, it's important to understand that there are limited funds. Please only apply if you're really struggling right now, or pass this information along to someone you know who's still trying to get back on their feet. There's nothing wrong with getting some extra help while you're out there job hunting or recovering from COVID-19.

For more details or to apply, check out the United Way of Central Texas' COVID-19 Response & Recovery Fund website. There, you'll also find information on landlord certification for assistance, as well as information for Belton residents who could use help with their utility payments.

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