Chris Brown feels like he's in the clear in his reported rape case, but the accuser's lawyer still alleges that the singer abused her sexually and psychologically.

Speaking to The Associated Press on Thursday (Jan. 24), the 23-year-old woman's attorney Franck Serfati claimed that Brown cornered her in a locked room before engaging in non-consensual sex. The lawyer says that, while the singer and the two other men his client accused of rape didn't physically pressure her into sex, she still felt "great psychological pressure" before he allegedly raped her.

"There were forced sexual relations and then he went to talk to other men—it was a masculine environment," Serfati said. "My client explains that it was non-consensual sex. She was not pressured physically. This was a very particular environment with great psychological pressure."

The woman alleges that after Brown left the room, the two other men she accused of rape, Brown's bodyguard and a member of his entourage, assaulted her on a different floor of the hotel. This happened after the woman arrived to the suite with a group of "about 15 girls and five or six men" who went to back to Brown's suite. According to Serfati's client, "everybody rushed to take lines of cocaine." The woman also claims that she was forced to participate, but only used a small amount of the drug before she ended up in the locked room with Brown.

The new details of the 23-year-old's side of the story emerge after Brown's legal team announced their plans to sue the alleged victim for defamation. Brown previously denied the allegations after he was arrested. However, the singer was released with no conditions and is free to leave the country.

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