Have you seen this woman? Have you seen this skeleton? It's not hard to miss!

A Central Texas woman is on the run with a 14ft skeleton Halloween decoration that she stole off an unsuspecting victim's yard!

The video, shared by KXAN anchor Tom Miller, shows the footage captured on their Ring camera of this Halloween thief driving up to a random house, and then stuffing the skeleton in the back of her SUV.

So many question surrounding this Halloween thievery!

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First of all, did she really think that the whole skeleton would fit just by shoving it in the back of her SUV?! In the comments, someone mentioned this thought exactly:

She's not only a thief but she's really bad at geometry if she thinks that will fit in her car.

How did no one else notice this woman trying to stuff a 14ft skeleton into their car?

The video cuts off before we get to see if she really does get the whole skeleton to fit in her car, but she must have been successful in her theft because according to this San Antonio article, a neighbor has offered a reward if anyone has information that can lead to this woman.

I wonder how she eventually ended up getting the skeleton into her car? Did she have to dismantle the entire skeleton? Did she have to drive away with the back door open? The community needs answers!

The 14 ft. Halloween skeletons retail for over $300, and if you were lucky enough to get one before they sold out, I can only imagine how devastated this family must feel to have gotten it stolen in bright daylight! I guess the major lesson here is you really need to tie down your skeletons!

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