The USS Lexington is one of my favorite historical places in Texas! I mean, I have been there over 20 times.  So I was excited when I read about this. The ship is being transformed for a little Rodeo Action.  The aircraft carrier is being transformed into an arena fit for extreme cowboys known as the Professional Bull Riders. It will take 300 tons worth of equipment to get everything ready, nothing that Lady Lex can't handle.

The USS Lexington is going down in history as the only naval ship in the world to host professional bull riders. Which, means if you had a trip scheduled for this Saturday, you need to reschedule.  The Lexington will be closed to the public on Saturday, November 21st, but the event will be televised on CBS after NFL football on Sunday, November 22nd.

I actually had to chance to visit the ship during the filming of the Blockbuster hit "Pearl Harbor'   It was a very cool experience seeing a little behind the scenes magic, mixed in with a ghostly experience in the library, a known paranormal hotspot in the ship.

Here is a recap of what happened to my wife, my friend, and me...

USS Lexington: This was experienced by my wife, my best friend, and myself.  We decided to make a trip to tour Lady Lex, while they were filming the Blockbuster hit 'Pearl Harbor'.  It was a Sunday and we were walking the tour, like usual.  We decide to take make a turn and head into the library. We have a nice conversation with a man who had so many interesting things to say. We walk out, and we turned back around to ask another question.  It had been no more than thirty seconds, the man was gone. It was a small room with no entrance or exit other than the one we were standing at.  We told an employee at the end of the tour and she said, the library is closed today and nobody is in there.  Talk about a really cool experience.

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