It's sad that all history isn't respected by all. When we leave details out about any event concerning any group of people, it affects how our world is shape. A student by the name of Justin Giuliano came up with the hashtag to inform more about black history. Here, I found seven facts about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., that we never learned in school.

Did you know that the March on Washington was not Dr. King's first "I Have A Dream" speech?  In June of 1963, Dr, King had a rally name "The Walk to Freedom" with about 125,00 people in Detriot.

The March on Washington was not King's first visit to the Lincoln Memorial. On May 17, 1957, Dr, King lead approximately 30,000 in the Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom. It was a three hour program that Harry Belafonte and the great Mahalia Jackson attended.

While we are talking about the March on Washington, just know that Dr. King winged most of the speech. You would think that he spent hours writing it, but nope, most of it came of the top of the head. The original name of the speech was "A Canceled Check".

Dr. King's parents were also targets during the Civil Rights Movement. One Sunday in 1974, at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. King's mother was assassinated by Marcus Wayne Chenault Jr. The hit was actually for King's father, but the shooter told police that he shot Alberta King because she closer to him.

Dr. King's real name is Michael. Yes, he was born Michael and named after his father, whose name was Michael Sr. Senior decided to change his name to Martin and in 1934, Jr's name was changed too.

Dr. King started college at 15 years old. He was so advanced academically that he skipped grades 9-12 and entered into Morehouse College at 15.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. became one of the 'Ice Cold Brothers' of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc, which is the first fraternity for black men.