Beyonce posted a handwritten version of a powerful poem she clearly loves on her Instagram, which should do its part to inspire the Beyhive.

She didn't originate these words, but the fact that they are in her handwriting makes them more immediate, with the dents in the paper and the crossed out words from any mistakes she may have made when transcribing it to white sheets.

Writing these words in her own penmanship -- which is neat -- makes us realize her connection to them. She could have easily taken a photo of the words on the page in a book or screenshotted them, but she didn't. That's not her style.

The poem is 'The Invitation' by Oriah Mountain Dreamer, and as you can see from the lines of verse, it is about overcoming odds and doing what it is that needs to be done to feed the children and survive. It's about character, not artifice.

Sure, it sounds like something that Bey herself would write, since she is a fierce fighter and all about self (and female) empowerment. But they are not her words and she notes that in one of the captions of the posts.

What's important to note here is that Bey likely introduced this work to her fans, as there is a good chance many of them had not seen it prior. Bey is widely known for posting handwritten letters, which is her classy and classic signature move in an increasingly digital world.

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