In case you missed it, NEWS FLASH! Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed their daughter into the world on Saturday, June 15.

The spawn arrived several weeks ahead of schedule and the well-wishers didn’t waste much time sending their congrats across the social media space. Beyonce and Demi Lovato were among the first to send their love out in very public and very digital platforms.

Beyonce posted a pic of Kimye looking at one another, with the word "Congratulations" scrawled across it, which you can see below. We wonder if Blue Ivy will be playmates with Baby Girl West.

I Am Beyonce

Taylor Swift also offered her salutations. Wait, what? T. Swizzle? Kanye's arch rival? No, no, no. It was a fake tweet that made it appear as though Swift had wished Kimye and their spawn the best and then threw some serious shade by quoting Yeezy's infamous interruption of her VMAs speech. She then said that Blue Ivy's birth was more epic.

Brilliant and hilarious…but fake, just like 'Ye's apology to the singer, which he admitted was the result of peer pressure in his New York Times feature. Tsk tsk. What are we, in fifth grade, caving to peer pressure?

PopCrush joins Beyonce and Kemi Lovato -- her new name, at least in our minds -- in wishing Kimye a congrats. Now tell us her name and share a pic.