(BELL COUNTY, TEXAS) Admit it: we've all had those moments where we've gone over the speed limit, or maybe even ran a red light when we're running late for work. Even the occasional not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign. Sometimes, no one notices you do such a thing, and you carry on during your day.

But other times, a police officer spots you and writes you a ticket with a fine to pay for possibly endangering others. You take said ticket and tell yourself, "I'll pay it later!" But during the passage of time you forget to pay the fine.

While going to renew your vehicle registration, the fine suddenly pops up during the process. And now, you can't re-register you car because of not paying a simple ticket. This scenario seems rather fake, but a new program in Bell County starting soon will make the situation a reality.

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Introducing The Texas Scofflaw Program

Our news partners at KWTX have the story that Bell County announced on October 12 that the new Scofflaw Program will take effect on October 18, 2022. The program, described here, aims to make sure fines and any other fees are collected before anyone can register their vehicle.

When a person attempts to register or re-register their ride while having an unpaid violation, the system will block the process from going further.

So What Can I Do?

For the block to be removed, Texans will simply have to pay the fine. Imagine that!

Citizens can even pay the fine right there, and showing a receipt of payment will allow the process to continue on unimpeded.

So if you live in Bell County, and have any unpaid fines or tickets, make sure to pay them before you attempt to keep your car driveable in Bell County.

What Do You Think?

Should Texans be prohibited from registering their vehicle if they've got outstanding fines? Tap the Chat button in our free app and let us know what your thoughts are.

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