A shooting that occurred in the 800 block of Cathedral Court has law enforcement officers questioning motive and how many individuals were involved.

Details Known Currently

KCEN has the video of the shooting occurring:

The shooting took place around the time of 1:05 AM in Harker Heights. The vehicle in question stops in front of the house and people in the vehicle begin to shoot at the house. How many shooters there were is unknown at the time of writing.

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During the video, after the shooting is over, an unidentified individual falls out of the vehicle during the fleeing of the area. The individual is able to get back into the vehicle as they leave the area.

Investigation Following The Incident

While evidence is still scarce, law enforcement was able to retrieve multiple gun shot cases from the scene, as well as observe the damage to the home and other property.

Reports also indicate that no one was harmed in the shooting as well.

At the time of writing, law enforcement is asking anyone with information regarding the incident to call 254-953-5400, the number of the Harker Heights Police Criminal Investigations Division, and asking for option 2.

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