The Queen of Soul upset a lot of people at the Broadway production of "The Color Purple" by arriving late with her bodyguards and taking her cell phone out to take pictures during the show.

Word is she got there late and she and her goons took up six seats. Now, since this is the Queen of Soul, you know she had to have front row seats -- actually she had prime orchestra seats.

So, one bodyguard sat in front of her, one on each side of her and one in the back. Then during the performance she took her phone out and held it high in the air, and proceeded to take photos. Now, if you have ever been to a performance like this, you know that is a major no-no.

The usher tried to do his job and inform her photos were not allowed, but of course she took her time putting that phone up. You would think that would be enough for the night, right?

She was just getting started, because all of this happened before intermission. We are getting this information from Brandon Voss, who is an entertainment writer.

One audience member who complained about ReRe's behavior recanted once she realized it was the Queen of Soul. I don't care who you are, you should have consideration for others.

Aretha probably didn't even pay for her seats, while others did.