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The Top GIF of 2019 Goes To...

GIFY just awarded former RuPaul's Drag Race contestant Jasmine Masters with the #1 GIF of 2019. Her "And I Oop!" meme has been viewed more than 419 million times!

Watch her reaction as well as the original video, below:

Juice WRLD Being Sued After Death

Former pop-punk act Yellowcard are continuing with their $15 million copyright complaint against Juice WRLD, even after the rapper's death. Prior to his death the band had filed a lawsuit against him claiming that his song "Lucid Dreams" contained elements stolen from their 2006 song "Hollywood Died." This week, Yellowcard filed a motion to extend the amount of time the rapper's co-defendants (which include Juice WRLD's co-writers, publishers and record labels) have to respond to the complaint. The defendants' response was originally due Dec. 9. The new extension goes until Feb. 4, 2020. Compare the two songs for yourself, below. (via PopCrush)

Puppies Causing Infections in Humans

The CDC says that pet store puppies are being linked to an infection in humans that is causing illnesses across the United States. This particular infection is caused by a bacteria that can cause diarrhea, fever and cramps. The CDC says that 15 out of 24 people interviewed had reported having contact with a puppy at a pet store and 80% of those people reported a link to a pet store chain called Petland. The CDC are advising that if you plan on visiting a pet store to pet puppies anytime soon, take extra precautions and wash your hands thoroughly after touching the animals. (via KTSA)

No Pro Bowl for Tom Brady

Tom Brady, quarterback for the New England Patriots and one of America's best known NFL players, will not be playing in the Pro Bowl this year. The NFL announced the rosters for the 2020 all star game and much to everyone's surprise, the Super Bowl champ didn't make the list. Mind you this is the very first time in over a decade he was not selected to play in the game, so this is wild. (via People)

NBA Player's Wife Drags Him on Instagram for Allegedly Cheating

NBA player JR Smith's wife, Jewel, had Instagram in shambles the other day when she exposed him for allegedly cheating with Candice Patton from the show The Flash, which she did by posting a video of her praying for him.

A day later Smith responded with this. Whew, the tea!

Karol Sanchez Reportedly Staged Her Own Abduction

Jussie Smollett 2.0? 16-year-old Karol Sanchez has reportedly confessed to staging her kidnapping. She said she had four of her friends "abduct" her, shove her into a vehicle and push her mother on the ground all because she wasn't happy at home. The unhappiness allegedly stemmed from her mother wanting to move their family back to Honduras, though Karol did not want to leave. (via The Shade Room)

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