So now we have to deal with invasive "jumping" earthworms. Yep, 2020 can't end quick enough.

I'm currently looking for a white flag to wave in surrender of 2020. Coronavirus, murder hornets, and jumping earthworms are all a thing and I don't even want to know what's next.

I won't pretend to know anything about "jumping earthworms", and after reading the article on, I'm still not sure if I really know what the "jumping" part has to do with it. At first I thought they could jump up and attack you, but in reality it seems like they just live in the top few inches of soil and eat up leaves.

I'm not here to give you a lesson on good earthworms or bad earthworms. Pus, who am I to judge? But apparently, these are the types of worms we don't want, as they tend to eat stuff that is vital to our ecosystem.

We don't have to worry about them here in Central Texas yet, but they are causing some problems in Western New York.

If you want to fight an invasive species here in Texas, make sure you clean, drain, and dry your boat if you take it out on Lake Belton or Stillhouse. Both lakes have zebra mussels, which got there because folks who did some out-of-state boating didn't clean, drain, and dry and brought them here. Do the right thing and help stop them from spreading to other Texas lakes.

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