To say that Flex Alexander has done it all is an understatement. He's starred in countless movies and TV shows and he's married to a music star, but what a lot of folks don't know is that he's an accomplished stand-up comedian, which is where he got his start back in the day.

After spending some time producing and working on other things, he's back to his comedy roots and he's bringing his stand-up show to the Laugh It Up Comedy Lounge this weekend! Tickets are on sale now on their website here or lock in with Melz On the MIC this week for a chance to get on "My Kiss List" to see him live!

Melz On The MIC caught up with Flex to talk about his shows (April 20th through April 22nd) and how he got started doing stand-up comedy, his "rumored" reboot of his hit 90's sitcom "One On One", and updates us on what's going with his wife Shanice Wilson.

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