I am just about 90 days away from turning 40 and some interesting things have been happening to me as I take this journey. I always thought of turning 40 means that I am getting old, but I have found out this is just the beginning of life.

Recently, my social media post have changed because I am to the point where I am happy with SHANI'S life. Which ironically is one of the things that happens when you turn 40. Here is a list of things that my moma didn't tell me about turning 40.

1. You start getting wrinkles and you just don't care. At least I don't, plastic surgery is not an option today, however that might change in 30 days and it's okay because I'm turning 40!

2. You start to love your body more. Yes, I have gain a few pounds, ok I'll be honest I have gained like 60 of them bad boys, but I love every curve, roll and dimple on my jiggly body. For a woman who has had 3 babies, made a full recovery from a stroke that left me blind, unable to walk, read or write and drove myself to hospital while having a heart attack, I looks DAMN gud!

3. When you work a full day, you go home, take all your clothes off and get in the bed at 6pm. You start out watching tv and eating snacks in the bed and some how the tv starts watching and the snacks start eating you. Meaning, you wake up with Doritos stuck to your body.

4. You learn how to filter through BS real quick. At this point, I have been up to my neck in some real Sugar, Honey, Ice, Tea, (*If you don't get take the first letter of each word I just gave and make a word). I clearly know the difference between a problem and an excuse, a crisis and bunch damn drama. I just don't make time for the latter of the two.

5. Even though I have always told people exactly how I feel and what is on my mind, I have now learned the importance of letting people know that I love them, support them and need them in my life. Don't excited, because that does not apply to everyone reading.

At any rate, these are just a few of the things that my moma did not tell me about turning 40.


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