I definitely think it’s safe to say that Killeen, Texas has adopted Mak Mama Coney Island café and her delicious Detroit ways.

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What I love about this woman is that she’s bringing delicious Midwestern cuisine to the city. She’s also making sure that she takes part and keeps the community well taken care of.

This woman has not only given her time but her love to my city, and you don’t find a lot of business owners who do that. This woman is something very special!

That’s why when I heard about her putting together an event, I knew I had to let all of Central Texas know to make sure to be out there for the community and not forget to give back Sunday, November 20 from 2 PM to 5 PM.


Miss Pearson, the owner of Mak Mommas Coney Café, is putting together something truly amazing for the community featuring fun activities, petting zoos, live DJs, and performers' bouncy houses, and we can’t forget some delicious food!

She also says that she is going to be doing a free turkey giveaway and there’s going to be a grand prize of a 65-inch Ruku smart TV. Miss Pearson, we truly appreciate everything that you do for our city. It’s up to the community to make sure to come out the event is going to take place at 103 Rancier W. Ave. Thank you for taking care of the city and giving us delicious food as well!

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