It's crunch time, so forgive me if this article seems rushed because I'm under the gun myself! As we get ready to venture out into these stores to finish up our holiday shopping, we have 3 hilarious and fun Christmas songs that will have you laughing and in the spirit instead of grinding your teeth over that person that skipped you in line.

  • 1

    Bonquisha & Otis

    For the man in the doghouse this holiday season this holiday classic is for you! "Otis" is begging for the love of his life "Bonquisha" to let him in the house. You do understand that he needed his "alternator" to get to work girl?

  • 2

    Santa Claus Is A Black Man

    Considering that earlier this holiday season, there were people protesting over a "black Santa Claus" at a mall in Minnesota, singing this song while you're out and about is extra snarky.

  • 3

    Santa Claus Needs Some Lovin'

    After all that shopping is done, you know "Santa" is gonna make his "midnight creep"...put the kids to bed!