The 2013 MuchMusic Video Awards were rife with pop performances and huge names. Stars like Demi Lovato, Avril Lavigne, Phillip Phillips and Ed Sheeran all joined forces with co-host Psy to rock the stage in Toronto, Canada.

Psy opened the ceremonies with his signature song, 'Gangnam Style,' rocking a bow tie with a short-sleeved jacket to accommodate the heat generated by all that choreography. Psy also closed out the show, rocking a houndstooth vest for 'Gentleman.'

Ed Sheeran, presented by Red tour mate and BFF Taylor Swift as "an amazing singer-songwriter" and "incredible," delivered on the hype she built. His performance of 'Lego House' was subdued, acoustic and as lovely as we've all come to expect from the Ginger Jesus.

Rapper Classified got in touch with his 'Inner Ninja' for his fun hip-hop performance.

Canada's perpetual faux-punk prom queen Avril Lavigne sounded slightly lethargic but still lovely during her performance of 'Here's to Never Growing Up.'

Marianas Trench, for reasons unknown, wore sunglasses indoors at night ... and performed in their underwear. Whatever gets attention, right?

EDM artist Armin van Buuren was joined by Canada native Trevor Guthrie for a soaring performance of 'This Is What It Feels Like.'

Phillip Phillips brought the audience 'Home' with his rollicking, extended performance of his 'Idol' victory song and global chart staple.

Demi Lovato belted her heart out as she sang 'Give Your Heart a Break,' followed by a rousing rendition of 'Heart Attack.'

2013 MuchMusic Video Awards Performances

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