What happens to you when your childhood dream becomes a reality.  You always wanted to be a pro athlete, or a professional musician, a movie star or a singer. You dreamed this dream since you were very young.  After several years of growing and learning you find yourself living your dream.  You finally make it, you made your goal and now your a star. You can't believe your luck and your life, your famous and your rich.  Everything is going great and so you thank the stars and you thank God for blessing you.  Expensive wine, beautiful clothes, rubbing shoulders with the rich and powerful.  It is a life that every human being on this earth has dreamed of living.

A blessing above blessing, but what happens when a sudden shake up happens in your heart.  An overwhelming feeling that something bigger than you has just placed a claim on your life. What do you do when you realize its Jesus calling, and his calling is for you to completely change your life.  His message to you is to walk away from everything you know and everything you love.  Although many today do not believe in religion in its present form, they do acknowledge that there is a powerful life changing force which captures the hearts  and minds of the faithful.

How do you turn from your dreams and your accomplishments only to return to the plain and unfulfilling life of an everyday worker.  One time rapper Mase found that it is nearly impossible.  He has tried to leave religion 3 times and each time he is pulled back into it. he is not alone, because many or our biggest whatever happened to stars are now religious.  Montell Jordan, Pebbles, Chis Tucker, Run of Run DMC, Kirk Cameron and Prince. Although their callings tell them to walk away from the fame and limelight of the world, often they find it is impossible.  Inevitably, every one of them tries in some way to work their calling into their limelight.  The power of God and the power of fame and fortune.  It is the one time where a man can serve two masters, or can we? .Only the afterlife can tell us for sure.