The harassment and emotional abuse of bullying among our young people is escalating at an alarming rate, and it seems that there is nothing that can or is being done about it.
     Oftentimes as parents, we have a tendency to dismiss bullying as "child's play", and don't interfere because we may think it will all be over tomorrow.  "Oh, they're just kids, they'll kiss and make up before you know it", some may say.  Well, that was yesterday's thinking.  Today, the effects of bullying have caused our children to submit to harming or killing themselves because the pressure is too much to handle.
     It is likely that parents believe they have model children that would not/could not do such a thing a bullying.  "Oh, my child would never do such a thing".  Truth is, once your child/children/young adult leaves the area of your confine, we as parents are oftentimes clueless as to what our "model" children do.
     What if parents were made to pay a fine each time their child bullies another?  Well... A town in Wisconsin is considering the "parent-liability" approach where parents of children or young adults who bully will be fined within 90 days following a written notice, and the fine will increase for each repeated instance within a year of the first violation.
     Do you think parents should be held accountable (monitarily) for what their children do when they are not in their presence?
     Do think the "parent-liability" approach should be adopted nationwide?  Why/Why Not?
     There is no doubt that something needs to be done to protect our children.  Lawmakers and parents are grasping at straws to find possible solutions to end this epidemic of bullying and its tragic consequences among our young people.  Please share your thoughts.