I want to thank every listener who takes the time out of their daily schedule to try to win some of the great giveaways we have on KISS.  But after every contest I get an ear full from those who didn't call, but still feel like they should have won.  I know crazy right?  You wouldn't believe the amount of calls I get from listeners who think that they should have won without actually playing the game.  Don't get me wrong I would love a contest where I could just call in when I felt like it and then be the winner.  However, and in all fairness that has happened and has happened several times and call it divine intervention.  But while having the contest some people call in just to request a song and then find out that they are the winning caller!  That has never happened to me in my entire life and It makes me think WWJD.  Be mad or keep riding?  I hope you keep riding with me and remember you gotta play in order to win.  Come on lets win today.