Have you ever done anything so outrageously dumb that you had to laugh at yourself?  Well, I'm guilty.  I rarely use my park brake, but for some reason I subconsciously used it and didn't remember.  (oh yeah, I was parked on a muddy hill, and I do have CRS (Can't Remember S#$%), but I digress.  lol  Anyway, when I got in my car to leave, put it in drive, the car was moving rather slowly as though it was stuck in the muddy terrain that I was parked on.  I pushed the accelerator, and the engine revved high but the car continued to act as though it was stuck in the mud.  Finally, somebody yelled our of their car window, RELEASE YOUR EMERGENCY BRAKE!!!  Der, Uh, I knew that!   We laughed it off, but THAT was really embarrasing.  Please share your dumb story...I know I'm not the only one!