Do you ever just want to pull somebody who is obviously texting while they are driving, snatch them out of the car, and smack them for being stupid?  I was making the trip down HWY 190 into Copperas Cove, and this lady was drifting in and out of the (left lane for passing) lane lane, skipped two lanes to the other side, and back into the middle lane while doing 75 mph!  I noticed her in the distance, so I slowed my car down to anticipate what she would do.  She continued to drive erratically from Bell Tower all the way into Copperas Cove.  We both ended up at the stoplight, and when I glanced over, she was still trying to text on her phone.  Should I have had road rage?  Oh, absolutely!  Wouldn't you?  My question is, "where is the Po Po when you need them?"  I guess folks really don't take texting and driving seriously; but when they kill somebody, they will have plenty of years to think about it.  IJS