I am not big on a lot of comic book movies, but....if it's one of my favorites from my days as a snotty nosed kid, then I'm in.  I read a lot of comics as a kid, but there only a few that I liked.  However, I only collected the ones I liked, and by liked I mean the ones I loved.  There were only a few that I collected and one of them was the X-Men.  When we were kids we always dreamed of seeing a comic book made as a real life movie, and to every comic book reader it was just a dream.  It could never happen we thought, it would be impossible.

I never thought this day would come, a day when a cartoon became a real life movie.  Even better was to see it done and see a live action comic book story that actually looks better than it did in the comic books.  X-Men is opening and if your a comic guy it is a must see.