Most of us love a good sandwich and most want to feel like they are getting their money's worth when paying for your food. How about a sandwich that costs  $49.95,before you make up your mind about this food item read on.Number one the only way to order this sandwich is to accept the challenge from Fat Sal's  deli in Hollywood,if you can eat the sandwich in 40 minutes or less it's free , if not you pay the $49.95. What's on the sandwich? for starters cheesesteak,five cheese burgers,10 chicken fingers,pastrami,bacon,five fried eggs,a basket of french fries,10 onion rings,10, jalapeno rings,marinara sauce,chilli and something called fat sauce. The sandwich is said to weigh  nine pounds and is 27 inches long, some 800 people have tried to finish this monster sandwich in the  40 minutes or less time frame and only two people have won the competition.So if you don't care about your health, cholesterol or your waistline then you might be up for this challenge if you are ever in Southern California. As for me i'll pass on Fat Sal's Big Fat Fatty sandwich  LoL .