A little over three years ago Lebron James announced he was taking his talents to South Beach and along with Dwayne Wade who was already in Miami and free agent Chris Bosh who had come down from Toronto,they were  supposed to win not one, not two, not three ,not four, not five, but many more championships. Entering their third season together as a group they have one, of course they have a chance to get their second this season, but what was a given three years ago has turned into a big maybe. Tonight they host Indiana in game seven at home in Miami and while the home team in game seven's in the NBA  wins  something like eighty percent of the time, there is a good chance the Heat could come up short. LeBron has been his usual self the best player in the game, but basketball is a team game and the other two members of the big three Wade and Bosh are struggling big time,Wade has a bad knee  and Bosh well he's not hurt,he's just not playing well and neither are  the bench players  like Ray Allen,Mike Miller, Shaine Battier and Norris Cole  and as Indiana has shown game after game basketball is a team game and as good as he is Lebron can't win all by himself he  needs  some help. I remember when this Miami team was put together it was thought they might be the  best team for years to come, because they had maybe three of the top twenty players in the league playing together, all they had to do was overcome the egos,of each of the big three being a star on their respective teams,James in Cleveland, Wade in Miami and Bosh in Toronto. Their first season together was a struggle although they made it to the Finals    before  losing    to Dallas,last year they won their first and only title beating Oklahoma  City and this year they were supposed to make it two in a row,now it seems if they come up short this could be it for the big three and not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, but only one championship which is not what management was banking on when they put this team together and even if they rally tonight   to beat Indiana  ,does anybody really think they can beat Tim Duncan , Tony Parker and the San Antonio Spurs I don't.