I was watching  the " Voice " this week and I heard Usher say i like pretty feet. Now I know i'm not the only man who feels this  way, but it's not something men talk  about    for the  most part when we get together unless the group has a foot fetish. But just to hear Usher say it out loud made men all across  America happy i'm sure. So what is it about ladies feet that gets us going, well i can only speak for myself, so i'll start the discussion. To me if a woman takes care of her feet, it tells she she  likes to look good from head to toe, how often do you see a woman in flip-flops with crusty  feet and her  toe polish all chipped,trust me if you see this  on a woman, guys want no part of her, or again speaking for myself  I wouldn't. I  have also noticed that a woman who is well groomed often chooses footwear to  show off her feet, i love cute pretty feet in those open toe pumps, I think that's one of the more sexier looks on a woman. Now a few tips to the ladies, keep your feet  looking tight in the summer, always get a nice  pedicure  and after a few days if your polish begins to chip or fade away you know it's time for a touch-up or a new pedicure, now as far as the color of polish you choose i understand that is a personal matter, but do choose a color that  is right for you. Not everyone can get away wearing  lime green polish or an orange color in some cases  it's doesn't match your skin color or your age for that matter. I understand your time is precious and maybe you can't get to the salon every week or every other week, but ladies you can do your pedicure at home, it may not look as good as a professional pedicure but it beats nothing at all, so remember ladies we are always looking at your smile, your hair, and oh yeah your feet