I woke up to beautiful sunrise on Mother's Day, but that was quickly dimmed by my experience at the local H._._, in Copperas Cove.

I finish my shopping and head to the check out, however, I was greeted by a not-so-friendly cashier.  I say, "Good Morning", and she doesn't part her lips.  Thinking...maybe she didn't hear me, I say, "Good Morning" again (louder this time), and she just looks at me.  Don't you know... I began to feel the heat rising up my back as I say to her, "are you not speaking this morning"?  I 'bout came unglued when she said, "No"!  W-H-A-T???


Does she not know that customer service is a part of what she does?  Does she not know that it is her job to make the customer feel comfortable?  Does she not know that it is the customer that ultimately has a large hand in her pocket (her paycheck)?  After she completed my transaction, she FINALLY said, "Good Morning".  I was LIVID, and told her that I hope she has a better day.  At this point, it became not so much that she didn't speak, but her condescending attitude, and waiting until she finished the transaction to say, "good morning". (principle).

Monica's Mother's Day needed to be a lot more like this.  Pic via 123greetings.com

After all, it was Mother's Day, and I was old enough to be this child's Mother, and possibly Grandmother.  By this time, I am full blown PSSSSSDDDD as I head out of the store.  Suddenly, I stopped dead in my tracks, went back, and asked to speak to the manager.   One of the clerks escorts me back to the Manager's Office; he opens the door in a huff while talking on his cell phone.  She tells him that a customer would like to speak with him.  He stays on the phone, in my full view, and says, "tell her I'll be with her in a minute", and promptly closes the door.

OK, y'all, I'm a reasonable person (usually), but this was really causing me to have some bad vibes.  After 5 minutes (I timed him), he came out of the office and asked how can he help me.  I took a deep breath and calmly introduced myself, shook his hand, and explained my issue with his sales clerk.  It wasn't until after he told me how surprised he was that it was her, and that she was one of his best girls, that he apologized and said he would pull her and talk with her; and that she has been acting strangely lately and may have something going on...yadda, yadda, yadda...

Er-uh, ok...EXCUSE ME, but that is NOT MY PROBLEM!  I did not feel that I received the best customer service that H._._.  prides themselves on.  Not sure what I expected the manager to do, I just know that if I am to continue doing business with them, the service needs to be a whole lot better in terms of the way I am treated as a paying customer.  As a result, my beautiful Mother's Day morning was completely ruined by this "child" who could use some additional training in customer service!