I have a few pet peeves, but nothing gets to me more than rude and inconsiderate people, especially on the job. This was a topic of "girl talk" this past weekend, and the consensus was overwhelming.  Most agreed that it's becoming more and more evident that people are just plain rude at work.  There used to be a time when PLEASE, THANK YOU, and EXCUSE ME were standard.  Supervisors and "bosses" talked WITH you and NOT at you, and they at least considered respecting your opinion, even if they did not agree.  Have you noticed that nowadays, people think it's ok to just tell you what to do and order you around like you're their child with an expectation that you will do it?  This is especially true in the workplace.  Employers need to understand that people are there to do a job, and expect to be treated with the same level of respect and courtesy that they expect to be given.  When will they learn that you can get more bees with honey.  I know it's an old adage, but it still holds true today.  Just because you have a "superior" position, does not make you superior to anyone, nor does it make you exempt from following the same rules that everyone else has to follow.
The "girls" came up with a list of 10 suggestions (although the list can be endless) for Supervisors and "Bosses" that I want to share...
1.  "Ask" an employee to do something rather than "have" them do it
2.  "Communicate" clear instructions when you need a task to be completed
3.  Hold youself to the same standard that you expect of others
4.  Don't lie; it causes dissention and distrust
5.  Keep employees informed
6.  Be willing to do the same job that you expect of others
7.  Get the facts before you assume; ASK
8.  Be a leader
9.  If you don't know something - say you don't know

You don't have to like the people you work with, you just have to find a way to get along; I believe it starts with plain old basic common courtesy and respect.  What is your work climate like?   Comments welcome.