The name Judith Hill might not ring a bell to you,at least now,however you have seen her before and just this week she re-surfaced on season four of "The Voice' Let's start from the beginning back in 2009 Judith was hired to be Michael Jackson's duet partner for his This Is It London shows and when the shows were cancelled after Michael's death, she sang "Heal The World at his memorial service,which was viewed by more than a billion people around the world.But even after all that exposure  new "Voice " judge Usher who also performed at the same memorial service and stood onstage behind Judith didn't recognize her when she tried out for "The Voice" this week even though he spun his chair around and tried to recruit her for his team and to Judith's credit she didn't try to refresh Usher's memory to advance her standing on the show or with the other judges( she wound up joining Adam Levine's team) So how has a talented singer gone unnoticed since 2009? "I had all sorts of weirdos coming at me with shady offers and i didn't know who to trust" but she felt "The Voice' platform was the best way to show off her talents in the hope of kick starting her solo career. And she just might be right after only one week and one performance she is now considered one of the front runners to win the whole thing this season. In case you missed her performance Monday night check  out her video singing "What A Girl Wants".