For a few stolen moments...Most of us don't get spare time, but occasionally, we just have to take a moment or two to do what WE want to do.  This past weekend, I had a "few" hours to burn, so I decided to catch up on past seasons of "24".  I had never watched before, but since everybody that I know is talking about the upcoming season, I refused to be left out.  Anyway...WHO KNEW?  Nobody told me that the show was THAT good!  I was hooked to my I-Pad for 2 1/2 days; like an addict on a drug.  My I-pad was literally at my hip everywhere I went in my house.  Every episode of Season 1 was "edge of your seat" captivating and intriguing.  I kept saying, just one more episode and I'm shutting down.  Well, that one episode turned in to 2-3 at a time, with the sensation of feigning until I could get back to my I-pad to watch more!   

Keifer Sutherland is "THE MAN"!!!  GO GET 'EM JACK!

Looks like I have a new "drug of choice", and that drug is "24"!