Who gives a Fat Rat's Butt if Beyonce is pregnant?       Well... Apparently a whole lot of people are obsessing about whether or not she is preggos with Baby #2.  Sitting on the edge of their seats, anxiously awaiting the news...  C'mon... can we get a life?  They're entitled, and so what?
     Rumors escalated last week when Beyonce cancelled a show because she was not feeling well, but returned for the next show saying she felt better.  The Rumor Mill is hot, but truth be told, whose business is it anyway?  Yeah, Yeah, I know...She's a public figure BUT, she is entitled to a private life, to include whether or not she is pregnant, divorced, broke, etc.  Not saying that she is any of these things, but you get my drift.
     You can stop congratulating the couple for now.  Anyways, some couples choose to not make an announcement of pregnancy until after the third tri-mester to make sure everything is ok.  This may or may not be the case, but the announcement, if there is indeed one to be made,  is their choice.  Heaven's to Mergatroid!  Enough already!