What is better than waking up to Dave Chappelle!  If you ever wondered what is the greatest television comedy show ever made.......think a little bit. Time's up!  Its the Dave Chappelle Show!  It is the biggest selling television show in the history of television.

But!  What happened was even more amazing.  If you don't know by now, Dave Chappelle walked away from a $50 Million TV Deal and the most popular comedy on television.  So what really happened?  Take a look at this in depth interview with Dave Chappelle on why he did it.  Why he walked away from real fame and real fortune!

He is greatly missed and even now the whole country wonders if he will ever come back to what changed comedy and the world.  His DVD is the best selling Comedy DVD Television Show ever made.  There has to be a second act.  Go to facebook and post your views, at kssm killeen.