There is a reason why men and women can't seem to connect long enough to extend their dating life into a full marriage life.  Women are statistically more faithful than men, but they live under conditions where when the love is long gone they are not.  Most women stick and  want the fantasy relationship and the fantasy man.  They want the Dinners, gifts, beautiful homes and cars and lovely nights out on the town.  Many of todays men just don't measure up to this standard of bliss, and that's the problem.  The wealthy and attractive man on the movie screen is much better than the man your with......or is he?

Heart throb Terrence Howard is a fantasy for many women, but he won't pay his wife $325,000 in support.  Columbus Short was seen as smart and sexy until he beat his wife and pulled a knife on her and threatened to kill her.  Chris Brown was a young and up and comer, and dating one of the most sought after women in music.  "What could go wrong," Rihanna thought.  Fantasies are made for one thing......fantasy land.