New Orleans Saints  quaterback Drew Brees makes  millions every  year,and is being accused of being a bad tipper. Drew recently made news by tipping $ 3 on a takeout order at Del Mar Rendezvous, a Chinese restaurant in San Diego. The bill came to $74.00, but some are saying Brees should have tipped more than $3 dollars and leaving such a small tip on such a large order was basically saying [ expletive] you to the waiter.A discussion on takeout tipping on the website Serious Eats showed people were split on the issue of what you should tip when picking up takeout,most people said a  few dollars are nice,but not expected  like   when sitting down and having dinner. I myself don't tip when  I pick up a pizza or Chinese, because no one is really waiting on me,but i always tip when i'm out having lunch or dinner. Is this the standard way of doing things I'm not sure, but it's just the way i have always done it. Drew Brees should not  be ripped for being a bad tipper because he make millions, just because you earn a lot of money where is it written you must tip anytime you pick up takeout and even Drew said had he sat down at the restaurant which he has done many times he would  have tipped  20 %, so let's give him a break on this. What do you tip when you go to your favorite eating spot 15 or 20 %, maybe it depends on the service ,let me know and remember the deadline to nominate your favorite restaurant and wait staff has been extended at, log on and tell us who is the best, we'll then break it down to final five for your voice as the best eating spot in central Texas. So start eating and start nominating at