Not every woman will have this problem, but if your successful then it will definitely be a reality. You graduated, and made some good moves.  Your last boss liked what you did and gave you a nice raise, and I mean, "Nice Raise."  You may have come into a great sum of money and suddenly feel like life is wonderful.  It is...... that is until you find that ever elusive thing called, "Love."  However this time it's too easy because you won';t have to argue over money, and you easily find your dream man and settle down.

Hold up, Not so fast!  Have you seen the stats on this new phenomenon called, " The Male Gold Digger!"  You don't need much research just look at a few magazines or websites and you will find there are gold diggers and they are not ashamed.  Britney Spears' beau, Kevin Federline is living lavishly, Nick Cannon is killin Mariah Carey's checkbook, and Halie Berry's one time true love is now hitting her up every month for close to $20,000 a month for expenses.  Mary J. Blige learned a long time ago when she caught the eye of R&B Crooner, "Case," and made a house with him.  A woman in love and with money will find that gold diggin man will test you.  However, after a few years of diggin on Case she moved on to the next case.   The next case was a court case, and that was all she wrote.