Okay, your brought up in the inner city, and constantly around the seedy side of life. Your upbringing exposes you to drug dealer, addicts, thieves and hustlers of all sorts. Then you take on singing as a child and 5 years later your a national singing star.

 Still in your teens your looked at as a sex symbol.  3 years later your a solo artist and making more money than you could have ever dreamed of.

The little kid from 3rd Ward Houston is now being compared to the greatest singers in our history. Fast forward 2 years and your married to a multi-millionaire and fashion mogul.  You think, "Can life get any better?"  The most read publications in America call you the most beautiful woman in the world.  9 months later you come off tour only to find out that you are now the most successful and richest performer in the history of the world.  Congratulations to Queen Bey......more than a fairy tale, because even the lottery isn't this good!