I stubbed my toe, I have a headache, the kids were slow, the babysitter didn't show, etc...Earlier in my career, I fell into the trap of making excuses for being late for work until I finally realized that it's best to just tell the truth and accept the consequences.   I was reading an article from the Chicago Tribune (my home), and was amused by their "top 10 excuses for being late for work", so I wanted to share. 

The top 10 excuses for being late for work according to the Chicago Tribune:

1.  Car trouble
2.  Fell asleep late and couldn't wake up
3.  Lost car keys
4.  Laundry not done
5.  Traffic
6.   Alarm clock broke
7.  Power outage
8.  Fell asleep on the couch
9.  Pulled over
10. Out of gas

There is a good chance that your boss has heard most or all of them.  Perhaps you have used a few, or you may have a few of your own.  If that's the case, please share.