a lot of research suggests that the time of day you do certain things matters, whether it's sleeping,eating,attending social events or even walking the dog. did you know that after eating a meal alertness tends to go away,employers say they notice their workforce is not as productive after lunch.if you tweet it's best to do it during the early hours of the day,that's when users are most likely to tweet upbeat messages,when it comes to exercise the best time to workout is between 2 and 6pm that's when your muscle strength is at it's peak, the best way to get your morning off to a great start is to take a warm shower before you leave for work.research also shows morning people tend to wake up and  go to sleep earlier and are most productive early in the day. evening people tend to wake up later,start out more slowly and peak in the evening. of course do to lifestyle changes, the kids soccer games and the unexpected we can't always  pick the perfect time to align our schedules with your body clock, but it's worth a try if we can pull it off right?