The daughter of a four-star general who can trace her family’s military service to the Civil War, Holly endured long separations from her husband during his repeated deployments overseas. To many Army couples, she and Petraeus represented a role-model marriage.  Well, David Petraeus has resigned as director of the CIA after admitting he had an extramarital affair. After 38 years of marriage!  The news reporters are saying that his wife is furious.  Duh!! As a former military wife, I understand, and "furious" is not the word that I would insert there.  Military wives would be in full agreement that when you marry a military man, your life pretty much becomes his life. You support him, go where his job takes him, put your life on hold to endure the inconveniences of last minute changes, family instability, helping with support groups, hosting dinners, making small talk when you don't even feel like talking, not to mention adapting to military life, especially if you have never been associated with it.  It's more than a notion...  And "furious" is all they could come up with?  I could think of a few choice adjectives to describe what she is feeling right now, and that ain't it!  What really gets me heated is that people are posting about how homely an unattractive she is!  REALLY PEOPLE?  That woman has probably been to hell and back in supprt of her husband, and this highly decorated "man of honor"  publicly humiliates her in the worst kind of way...and he didn't even respect her enough to keep it on the DL!  Fair warning cheaters...As the "old" folks say, what's done in the dark will come to the light.


Angry ex-military wife