I like the show, "What Would You Do", however, it can be a bit unrealistic because in the real world, we don't have John Quinones and his crew to step in and save us once things have gone too far.  Situations often arise that prompt you to ask yourself, "what would you do."?  You witness child or domestic abuse, someone stealing, someone being disrespectful or rude, your best friend's husband cheating, your boss behaving inappropriatly at work... the list is endless.  It seems that most of the time, people take the attitude that it's not their business so they don't get involved.  There used to be a time when you could say something that would make a difference, especially when it involved the youth.  However, in today's society, you run the risk of being seriously injured or killed if you intervene.  So, do we simply stand aside and watch a child or adult get hurt because"it's none of our business", or do we at least voice our opinion or alert someone of a potential problem?  Quite a dilemma... "what would you do"?