Before you know it the holiday shopping season will be here and when it comes to gifts it's the thought that counts right? Maybe not, in a recent survey two-thirds of  American women want gift cards,but less then half will get them , instead men will give women clothing or jewelry.Now i  will be the first to say when it comes to shopping for a woman sometimes i'm at a loss and i think that's the case with most Men,so to help out my brothers here is what the Ladies are saying Guys. Nearly half of the  women who took the survey said they would prefer to buy for themselves,which in a sense let's us off the hook if you give the Lady of your life what she really wants a gift card, she can buy what she wants. And ladies when it comes to shopping for your man,in the same survey   men said they would like food and alcohol  and also gift cards. So as you can see gift cards seem to be the answer for both sexes, OK my job seems done here i'm off to get a gift card, happy shopping!