I got in the radio business at the tale end of Vinyl records. Every time I start a song, I feel a little piece of me die each day when I start a song by pressing the left mouse button. I miss Q burns.

The first day of broadcasting school we were taught how to "Q" up a record. We had 3 fake radio stations set up, and each one had 2 record players set up. And each one had a different start up speed.

You see, to "Q" up a record you place the needle down at the beginning of the record. You then find the very beginning of the song. Stop the record player, the move it backwards the amount of space it takes to get the machine up to full speed. If you don't move it back far enough, it'll sound like the artist is singing really slow to start, or the music sounds like it's slow. After awhile the beginning of the record starts to wear out, this is called a "Q" burn. Time to get a new record.

Vinyl is making a comeback, but alas, it'll never come back to radio. Remember your record collection today as it's National Vinyl Record Day.