Why do you think the most popular theme party is of the 70's?  It's because the 70's was the best era (in my opinion), and from personal experience.  Come go back with me...In terms of music, some of the best music came out in the 70's (real singers that sang songs about things that mattered, like love, relationships, ecology, and social awareness).  The music just made sense!  45's were popular and then it became the whole album that had songs so long, they took up one whole side. House parties were a big deal, and people tended to come together on a social level; there was always a reason for a party, i.e., Rent parties/Bail parties or just because.  The style of clothing during the 70's is now called vintage wear, but we still love to see them as evidenced at the parties.  The "natural" or the "afro" was hot, and if it was well shaped, heads turned.  During this time you saw more of "it takes a village to raise a child" being enforced. If, as a child, you did something wrong and the neighbor caught you, not only did the neighbor chew you out, they TOOK you to your parent(s) and THEY dealt with you.  Parents put the type if fear in kids back then, that all they had to do was give them a look, and they knew exactly what it meant and what to do.  Kids could go out and play, and for some, it didn't matter where they went as long as they were home or in front of the house when the street lights came on.  If you didn't make it, SOMEBODY was looking for you and you already KNEW the outcome was not going to be good.  Kids played "human" powered games like hide and go seek, mother may I, red light/green light, etc.  You could have a picnic or family reunion in the park, cook, and play softball, and nobody got shot or stabbed.  There were no padded playgrounds, helmets or knee pads, and no one thought twice about "pumping" in a swing so high that it went over the top, AND couldn't wait to do it again.  Amazingly, I don't remember anybody getting seriously hurt on the playground back in the day.  The most popular, and first video game was Atari!  8-track players were hot in the early 70's, and I remember all too well folding and putting a matchbook on the side to stop the tape from skipping. Then came the cassette player and the component set!  Rotary phones were replaced by push button, a button to access a second line, and call waiting was introduced.  Yeah, those were the good old days...  Too many things for me to mention in this writing, so please feel free to share YOUR fond memories of the 70's. I know you have some.  ;0D